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Vicar Street, 8th April 2011


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Venue Details
Vicar Street Logo
Capacity: 1050 (seated), 1500 (standing)
Opened: 1998
Accolades: Irish Music Venue Of The Year 2008 And 2009

Soundcheck Photos
View from the stage View from the stage View of the stage from the side balcony View of the stage from the back balcony View of the stage from the side balcony Set-up progresses... Brendan & Vinnie The band rehearsing Steve & Pat from the back balcony Vinnie Steve Brendan Brendan Vinnie Brendan, Pat & Dara Vinnie Pat Dara The band Sound desk Sound desk Empty venue Brendan, Pat & Vinnie The band All ready!
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Soundcheck Video

Set list
Vicar Street Set List (signed)
Sentimental YouTube video embedded below
The Seed That's Been Sown
Yesterday's Girl YouTube video embedded below
White Strand YouTube video embedded below YouTube video embedded below
Back To Basics
Always To Win YouTube video embedded below
Second Sight
Last Of The Sun YouTube video embedded below
Silly Dreams YouTube video embedded below
Only Went You For Your Soul YouTube video embedded below
Is This What You Waited For
Girl In The Ghetto YouTube video embedded below
Gone Forever YouTube video embedded below
Victorians YouTube video embedded below
Stateside Europe
Witness For The World

Witness For The World (reprise) YouTube video embedded below
No Living Without You
The Seed That's Been Sown
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Videos shared on YouTube by Kenny Murphy and Oliver Hunter

Ian Doyle (snippet) - Oliver Hunter

Sentimental - Oliver Hunter

Yesterday's Girl - Kenny Murphy

White Strand - Kenny Murphy

White Strand - Oliver Hunter

Always To Win - Oliver Hunter

Last Of The Sun - Oliver Hunter

Silly Dreams - Kenny Murphy

Only Want You For Your Soul - Kenny Murphy

Girl In The Ghetto - Oliver Hunter

Gone Forever - Kenny Murphy

Victorians - Oliver Hunter

Thank yous - Oliver Hunter

Witness For The World (reprise) - Oliver Hunter
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Gig Photos by Oliver Hunter
Ian Doyle Ian Doyle's backing musicians Ian Doyle
The audience The audience
Brendan & Pat Brendan & Pat Vinnie Brendan Steve, Brendan & Pat Brendan Vinnie Pat Dara Munnis & Vinnie Steve, Brendan & Pat Pat, Dara & Vinnie  Robbei O'Neill Brendan Brendan Pat Vinnie Steve Steve, Brendan & Pat Brendan & Pat Vinnie Brendan, Pat, Dara & Vinnie Brendan Brendan Brendan on whistle Steve Pat Brendan, Pat & Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie The band take a bow Ian Doyle & Alan Ennis Vinnie signing Steve Belton Me & Pat Me & Brendan
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