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Crimes Of Conscience, 450 997-2 In my collection
1987 CBS Records.
The Seed That's Been Sown, Girl In The Ghetto, Tender Years, Flags, Second Sight, Gone Forever, White Strand, Nobody Knows, Stateside Europe
Produced by Paul Staveley O'Duffy for Spitfire Productions
The Courier, CDV 2517
1988 Virgin Records Ltd.
Something Happens: Burn Clear, Hothouse Flowers: Wild White Horse, Lord John White: Kill The One You Love, Aslan: The Courier, Something Happens: She Came From There, Too Much For The White Man: Try A Little Harder, Cry Before Dawn: Silly Dreams, U2: Walk To The Water, Declan MacManus:, Mad Dog, Painted Villain, Stalking, Furinal Music, Rat Poison, Furinal Music, Unpainted Villain, Last Boat Leaving
Tracks 2-7 Engineered by Chris O'Brien at Lansdowne Studios, Dublin; Tracks 8-16 Recorded at Wessex Studios, London
Witness For The World, 463320-2-2 In my collection
1989 CBS Records.
Witness For The World (5:14), Yesterday's Girl (3:53), Only Want You For Your Soul (4:12), Your Little World (4:58), Big Wheels (4:39), No Living Without You (4:19), Always To Win (5:16), Last Of The Sun (3:56), The Best You Can Find (4:10), Victorians (4:14)
Produced by Greg Ladanyi, Engineered by Paul Cobbald and Ed Cherney
Music From Ireland (Volume 2), BSBCD2 In my collection
1991 (?)
Engine Alley: Infamy, Sack: Magnetism, Wreckage/Stano: Chase, The Caroline Shout: Sit Up, Tiberius Minnows: Time Flies, The Golden Horde: Hell, Sultans of Ping F.C.: Where's Me Jumper, Four Idle Hands:, Rainy April Day, Wild Cherry Tonic: The Canna Refund, U2: Zoo Station, Peach: When She Smiles, The 4 Of Us: Baby Jesus, P.A.M.F.: Third Grade, de Confidence: Song For Luggi (live girl mix), Krazy: I'm In Love With Mother Nature, Katell Keineg & The Stars Of The Sea: Caution To The Wind, The Little Fish: Long Grass, Cry Before Dawn: Love Somebody, D11 Runners: After The Rain
Production Master produced and engineered by Chris O'Brien
The Best of Cry Before Dawn (signed), In my collection
2011 Sony Music Entertainment, released 8th April 2011
Gone Forever (3:51), Witness For The World (5:14), No Living Without You (4:11), The Seed That's Been Sown (3:42), Girl In The Ghetto (4:09), Last Of The Sun (4:02), Victorians (4:13), Silly Dreams (5:13), Only Want You For Your Soul (4:09), Always To Win (5:15), Flags (3:40), Follow Me (4:12), Forlorn Point (2:06), White Strand (3:43), Stateside Europe (4:04). Bonus Tracks: The Seed That's Been Sown (12" Mix) (4:49), Girl In The Ghetto (12" Mix) (6:02)
Live At The Opera House, CBD2011-01In my collection
2011 CBD Records, released 1st December 2011
Yesterday's Girl, Flags, White Strand, No Living Without You, Always To Win, Last Of The Sun, Only Want You For Your Soul, Girl In The Ghetto, Gone Forever, Victorians, Stateside Europe, Witness For The World, The Seed That's Been Sown.

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