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GONE C1 Cover Gone Forever, GONE C1 In my collection
1987 CBS Records.

Gone Forever, Darkest Night
Second Sight, Sentimental (Capital Radio Session)

1, 2 & 3 Produced by Paul Staveley O'Duffy; 4 Produced and Mixed by Paul Pink, Engineered by Andy Turner; tracks are repeated both sides.

XPC 4034 Cover Witness For The World (Promo Sampler), XPC 4034 In my collection
1989 CBS UK Ltd.

Extracts from:
Witness For The World, Only Want You For Your Soul, Last Of The Sun

1 Produced by Greg Ladanyi; 2 Produced by Cry Before Dawn; tracks are repeated both sides.

Has intro/close from Brendan which goes:

"Hi, this is Brendan Wade, the lead singer with Cry Before Dawn. Included on this cassette is some music from our forthcoming album. "Witness For The World" is our new single and also the title of the album. It was recorded in Rockfield Studios in Wales and mixed at 'The Complex' in Los Angeles. It was produced and mixed by Greg Ladanyi. I hope you enjoy this sample from the album and, who knows, maybe you'll want to hear some more? So thanks for listening and here's our new single "Witness For The World". See you soon!

So there you are, and there's a lot more where that came from on our new album "Witness For The World" from Cry Before Dawn".

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