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Strawberry Fest, 26th June 2011

Venue Details
Strawberry Fest 2011
Capacity: 10000 (standing)

Set list
The Seed That's Been Sown
Girl In The Ghetto
Only Want You For Your Soul
Always To Win
Last Of The Sun (YouTube video embedded below)
Gone Forever
Witness For The World
The Seed That's Been Sown
Thanks to Enda Long for providing the set list

YouTube Videos
Strawberry Fest Official video review
Cry Before Dawn get their 40 seconds at 02:44

Gig Photos by Mark Corcoran & Aidan Kent
MC1t.jpg, 14kB MC2t.jpg, 12kB MC3t.jpg, 15kB MC4t.jpg, 11kB MC5t.jpg, 11kB AK1t.jpg, 14kB AK2t.jpg, 13kB


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